This October, the original zombie series returns. Resident Evil 6 is aiming to take the dead survival horror genre and make it walk once again, and if this Playstation interview with Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi is any indication, it’s taking the right steps. I still have no idea why the word resident is in the title, though.

Firstly, Hirabayashi talked about the unique co-op system Resident Evil 6 is implemented. Called the crossover system, it essentially brings co-op players together based on how their decisions affect each others continuity. Uh, yeah. I’m sure he can explain it better:

The concept of this feature is to have people joining you in real time and seamlessly, so whenever you happen to be at a point where you get to China as Leon, for example, somebody else in the world who’s playing roughly at the same time and they’re also about to get at that point or they’re already there as Jake, he or she will join you. So the idea is more to have a surprise about who’s going to play with you. If want to play with your friends, we recommend, first and foremost, playing with them within the storyline on the co-op, so you’ll be Jake and your friend is Sherry, or you’ll be Leon and your friend is Helena.

He then talked a bit about the changes in weapon management. Much like Dead Space, switching between weapons and items is done in real time (REAL TIME… WEAPON CHANGE! Sorry). The idea is to increase tension and make the game more immersive.

It’s all in real time. That’s not to say that you’re going to have plenty of bullets for a hundred different weapons. It’s still survival horror, you need to have those limits in order for the game to work. You’ll have to manage your resources in terms of having guns and ammo, but you won’t be popping in and out of a menu like you’ve seen before. It’s much more fluid.

Finally, he stated that the game’s length is guaranteed to be wallet friendly. Keep in mind that developers and publishers often exaggerated or improperly estimate a game’s length, though we have a feeling the game will still be lengthy enough to justify a purchase.

It’s quite a lot of volume: we estimate that each one of these storylines is probably around 70% to 80% of the volume of the whole game in Resident Evil 5. So with three separate storylines, there’s plenty to play here.

Sounds like the game is shaping up well. Keep in mind that once we free up some space on the Big Twelve list, we’ll add Resident Evil 6 to it.

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