Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 has been leaving gamers in a state of zombified glee since its release last week, but Capcom is looking to cannibalise more free time with its new, free DLC: ‘The Ghost Survivors’.

In a reveal on the game’s Twitter, Capcom stated that the DLC is set to arrive February 15. The vignettes—named ‘No Time To Mourn’, ‘Runaway’, and ‘Forgotten Soldier’—will be “what if” scenarios, meaning they will not be canon in the game’s ever-expanding lore.

Two of the three characters will be familiar to Resident Evil veterans, namely the gunshop owner and the Mayor’s daughter; the third character is an unnamed soldier. Each of these characters is intertwined by the same fate: none of them made it out of Raccoon City.

A selection of screenshots, which can be found in the tweet below, were also released:

The title deservedly was included in OnlySP’s Most Anticipated Games of 2019. A staff member, Daniel Pereira, recently did an unboxing of the collector’s edition, which can be found below.

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