Theory Interactive have released a target release date for their long-in-development puzzle adventure game, RESET. According to a blog post made by developer Mikko Kallinen the game will release sometime in this coming Fall. Kallinen has also posted a variety of new screenshots from the game and has detailed several new features, with an emphasis on environmental physics.

Information in the blog post and the screenshots posted show a game that will have a high level of detail going into its environment. Kallinen describes the systems that will run their dynamic weather and environment features.

RESET will feature volumetric clouds that will move realistically and will cast long distance shadows; as well as having high and low-pressure areas that will break up cloud coverage. The game will also have local rain systems that will allow players to view rain storms coming in from a distance.

According to the blog post the game will also have volumetric water capabilities, which allows structures on land to cast a shadow in areas under water. This also allows the game to have complex wave mechanics which shows larger waves from out in the ocean smoothly transition and break into smaller waves as they come inland.

One of the more exciting features showcased in the new post describes how RESET’s night sky will have an accurate representation of the Moon’s location in orbit and will render all stars in their correct positioning.

RESET is a sci-noir first-person puzzle game that allows players to travel back in time to solve puzzles; the game has been in development since 2012.

You can check all the screenshots and a new tech demo below. Let us know what you think about how the game is looking in the comments below. Make sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all futures updates on RESET.

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