Update: Cadieux has responded on NeoGAF, clarifying that he misinterpreted @atPeteDodd’s original Tweet by assuming that it was referring to Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, rather than Thief. He has also deleted the final Tweet posted below:

I only just now noticed that he was talking about Thief in the original tweet… I read too quickly and assumed he was talking about Tomb Raider since this is what everybody is talking about nowadays…dammit.

Original Story: A report by  Eurogamer Italy yesterday afternoon stated that an insider had told them Thief will not run at 1080p on Xbox One. However, according to a QA (quality assurance) technician at Eidos, this is not the case.

A Twitter user was talking about the news report that stated that Thief wouldn’t be running at 1080p on Xbox One when a master technician at Eidos apparently saw the Tweet and addressed the question by saying, “both versions of the game are running at 1080p.” However, he stopped short of discussing the FPS for both version saying he had “no comment” on the matter. You can view the conversation below.


Philippe’s profile on Twitter doesn’t list his credentials at the company, so I went ahead and found a link verifying his involvement with the company as I’m sure I’m not the only person that has never heard of Cadieux. You can visit that link here.

Source(s) – NeoGAF

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  1. So for X1 it’s either 720p at 30 or 60FPS or 1080p at Non-locked 30FPS like Dead Rising 3.

    Or perhaps, 900p ‘upscaled’ to 1080p ;p

    1. He clearly said 1080p, so most likely 30fps min.

      1. https://www.hardcoregamer.com/2014/01/25/thief-confirmed-to-run-at-1080p-on-both-xbox-one-and-ps4/71486/

        “Just minutes later he clarified that he tweeted the above by mistake and misread the original question, assuming it was for Tomb Raider. The tweet has since been deleted.”

    2. What do you mean like Dead Rising 3? Dead Rising 3 is 720p upscaled to 1080p at 30fps.

      1. That is exactly what I said. The 1080p however isn’t connected with the non-locked 30FPS. I just worded it wrong :L I meant to say “30FPS at 720p or 1080p / 900p at 30FPS ‘upscaled to 1080p OR – – – like Dead Rising 3, its FPS was not ‘LOCKED’ at 30FPS but unlocked at average of 30FPS since every person comments that with a lot of things going down in-game, it can go from 15FPS to 30FPS.

    3. Are ALL Sony fanboys this illiterate?

      1. An Xbox fanboy like yourself cannot really speak in such a manner. Besides, I’m a gamer and own any console I wish to buy. However, I’d gain nothing by boasting of ownership of an Xbone. When Xbone is $99-$150 I’ll think about it, and when I say think about it, I mean I’ll see if it actually has good games that aren’t on PC as well.

        This is called logic, and being financially-invested in my money. Not a fanatic like yourself who attacks people for not being as deranged and delusional as yourself.

      2. No kidding hey? What do you clowns not understand that the dev says BOTH are 1080p.

        1. Microsoft tend to spin words around to twist away from answering things clearly. I’m just going to keep myself cautious about Xbox One games running equally against PS4 for logical reasons of PS4 being stronger and being easier to develop for. Microsoft PR love to try to say their games ‘run at 1080p….’ and they say that, they simply don’t tell you that it’s Upscaled and not Native 1080p. I’m being wary of these moments, personally.

          If Thief comes out and is Completely 1:1 equal in terms of clarity, shadows, AA, texture quality on X1/PS4? Then I will praise the developers for being able to optimize both. Though, it has to be said, them not bringing up FPS could be a hint that PS4 maybe is 60FPS and X1 is 30FPS….

        2. https://www.hardcoregamer.com/2014/01/25/thief-confirmed-to-run-at-1080p-on-both-xbox-one-and-ps4/71486/

          “Just minutes later he clarified that he tweeted the above by mistake and misread the original question, assuming it was for Tomb Raider. The tweet has since been deleted.”

          Welp! Guess the reso/framerate is still to be questioned.

    4. You should go online and check out how many games are actually running at 1080p 60fps on the xbox one. Besides ryse which runs at 900p is easily the best looking next gen title and killzone running at 1080p didnt automaically get better reviews because of its higher res and fps now did it?

      1. The only game on X1 running 1080p natively is Forza. The rest are what, Arcade games and indies that require low-tech to run? The rest are 720p and 900p.

        ‘Ryse’ being the ‘best looking next gen title’ is an extremely subjective opinion as both as you compare KZ and Ryse, both games look great – both games however, did shitty in reviews. There’s no need to take One of the games and talk like ones a pile of crap and the other isn’t. Both are ‘Visual flares of what next-gen will offer’ type of games….

        However, if you’re also REALLY going to bring up ‘Better reviews’ as if Higher res and higher FPS = Higher score, laughably, as I haven’t. Just since you brought up ‘better reviews’ I’d like to share that KZ Shadowfall still has a metacritic rating of 73, Whilst Ryse is 60. Same could be redirected back to Ryse. of “just because Ryse to you is ‘teh best looking next gen title” didn’t automatically get better reviews”.

        Both are just….games for the next-gen console owners to play to hold them off for what Really is to come. I in particular, am anxious for Deep Down and MGS5.

        1. Nope that is a lie. There are several games that run in native 1080p on the Xbox one. Forza 5, Nba 2k14, lego marvel,NFS,Ufc,Crimson Dragon,Tomb Raider, Madden, skylanders,Max and the curse,Zoo tycoon,Fighter within,Zumba fitness,Nba live, Kinect Sports Rivals.
          So tell me again how the only game on the xbox one in 1080p is Forza.I count at least 15 titles and there are a few I left out. You are either seriously uninformed or you just believe the agenda being pushed across biased forums like neogaf and bs gaming sites like cinemablend. You people tend to forget that the most powerful consoles doesnt always win the war. In fact the last time it did was when the Snes beat out the Genesis at the very end of that generation.

          1. I didn’t know we were qualifying games that don’t even push console boundaries, or games that were absolute garbage.

            Lego Marvel……yeah, oh gee wizz, this game totally busts a sweat out of any machine. I’m sure a PC from 2006 could run the bloody game. We’re talking about AAA titles, strong titles that can also push 1080p. Sports really wouldn’t be hard to push 1080 on either so they can’t count. Crimson Dragon looks like crap, it was a crap game, and it didn’t do well so whether it is 1080p won’t even matter. It’d be like, if Lair from PS3 was 1080p and PS3 fan tried to boast it for its specs and framerate capabilities. When in the end? Lair was bad and is pretty much exactly like Crimson Dragon but on X1.

            No but really, you’re pulling out a hilariously bad list as if it goes with your argument, trust me. It doesn’t. Don’t pull out lists like that again unless you like making yourself look like a fool. Trying to argue about 1080p and pulling out games that don’t even take much hardware to run does not qualify your argument, you’re even bloody using KINECT SPORTS as a counter-argument of what runs at 1080p. It’s a literal response, but not an honest or correct one.

            Tomb Raider will be 1080p, and its a LAST GEN game with updated textures(Hope you didn’t forget this). So it shouldn’t be a surprise if a LAST GEN GAME can get 1080p on Current-gen hardware. However, PS4’s version runs at 60FPS, Double that of X1’s 30FPS on Tomb Raider. Double the framerate because double the power in summary.

            You called me uninformed too XD After giving me such a hilarious list of game titles. You seem uninformed with the way this argument works though. If someone laughs about X1’s inability to play 1080p games, you don’t give a list of like “BUT SCREW YOU, FARMVILLE CAN RUN 1440P ON X1 AND THIS TOTES COUNTS ON THE LIST OF GAMES THAT AREN’T 720p or 900p! YOU SILLY HEAD!”

            It just DOESN’T work like that. You have to name off games that ACTUALLY PUSH THE HARDWARE – AND – Push 1080p. Killzone Shadow Fall ‘Pushes’. Forza 5 PUSHES. Ryse (Attempted) to push, it got 900p. Infamous Second Son is a prime example of a game that PUSHES and delivers the resolution. Get with the game. Not feeding me idiotic rebuttles with such titles as ‘ZOO TYCOON’ and ‘FIGHTER WITHIN’ and SKYLANDERS’. They make you look like a tool. It’s easy to see what Neco is saying, and most people see it this way except for the usual Xbox fanboy who pull out the crappiest of crappy, low-quality games that barely even scratch at the consoles surfaces of power and yet it is used ONLY as a means to push the ‘Size of the list’ as a means of making a false-boast. Just, No.


      2. KZ is the most technically advanced next gen game, Xbox wouldn’t be able to run it at its res/framerate.

  2. Blah blah blah getting this game and all other games on Xbox one no matter what .

    1. Yea, still a bit ominous on how it was misread, but we’ll take the guys word for it.

  3. Maybe a question mark in the title ? a bit confusing

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