Vigil games has some unique ideas when it comes to their latest project Darksiders 3, assuming of course they are given the green light to make another game. Haydn Dalton, lead designer told VideoGamer, it’s unlikely THQ would have Vigil shift development to another franchise.

If Darksiders 2 manages to sell “4 or 5 million units, THQ president Jason Rubin would likely want a sequel, though he might expect Vigil to “reduce the scope so that we can make it even higher polished.” Doing so would give the game more focus,” said Dalton.

While a confined, more smaller world with more detail then say a huge sandbox world with less detail isn’t nessessarly a bad thing, I mean it worked for Rockstar and the GTA series, or the recent Batman games. I should probably mention that even selling 4 million copies of a game is no easy task either. Why just look at Saints Row: The Third, arguably one of THQ’s most successful titles and it just managed to sell 4.25 million in seven months.


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