Remedy has shared the full range of combat systems and options available for players to engage enemies in Control.

Remedy’s upcoming thriller Control features an entity called the Hiss — a hostile force that originates from beyond ordinary reality. Game director Mikael Kasurinen explains the entity has taken over the building and “will do anything it can to survive.”

A range of combat options to engage enemies like the human slaves of the Hiss are detailed in the video below. Players can either go in with all guns (and abilities) blazing, or track enemy patrol routes using stealth taking them down one-by-one.

Jesse is the director of Clandestine Federal Bureau of Control, so she has access to weapons beyond the limits of traditional military weapons. The majority of her firepower comes from a shape-shifting gun which changes from a revolver to a machine pistol depending on the threat ahead. Lead Designer Paul Ehreth reveals the revolver is the first gun in the game and was designed predominately for accuracy, but he also designed it so that players “will keep coming back” to use it.

Ehreth revealed that one of the most powerful enemies Jesse will face is the ‘Tempest’. This enemy can summon a powerful shield neutralising Jesse’s attacks. Therefore, Ehreth explained that carefully timed attacks  are required to defeat this foe.

Jesse also has access to a variety of psychic and telekinetic powers, like conjuring a shield for protection and an ability called Seize which forces enemies to fight on her behalf to fight the other Hiss.

Control will be available on August 27, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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