Remedy Entertainment has opened up about the challenge between balancing narrative content for the main story and side quests in Control to keep the player invested in both.

In an interview with OnlySP, Brooke Maggs, the narrative designer for Control, says that the studio had to make sure that nothing in the side quests would spoil the story.

She notes that Remedy wanted players to decide whether or not to pursue the additional story content: “While it can be hard to know that players might miss some of the side narrative content, they might rediscover that and access that once the game is finished.” 

Maggs also contrasted the side content in Control to the lack thereof in Quantum Break, saying that the studio knew where the camera and story would be in the latter. She says, “Quantum Break was very linear: combat encounter, then story, then combat encounter, then story” and “but now [in Control] we don’t always know so everyone’s play experience can be slightly different depending on how they build the story around the main mission themselves.”

Maggs brought up the fact that Control was a new IP, and that introducing concepts such as the Astral Plane, Objects of Power, and Altered Items could overwhelm players. She mentions that the team wanted to pace the information in the story while building out the larger narrative, “if you have a more linear path, you have to make sure those concepts are definitely hit on because there may not be an opportunity to go back and ask about them again.”

The full interview with Maggs, in which she discusses the choice of a female protagonist, the upcoming DLC, and much more will be available tomorrow.

Control is receiving free updates such as photo mode and motion blur toggle and will be present at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Control is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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