Elea, the narrative-driven space adventure by the publisher of What Remains of Edith Finch, has been given a full release date.

Developed by Kyodai Ltd, Elea has drifted around in Early Access since April, with its official release date now being September 6. Taking place entirely in first person, the project offers a different perspective in its third-person dominated niche.

The title explores a universe where Earth has been struck by an epidemic that targets children, taking place in 2073. The game, inspired by other narrativy-focused episodic efforts, tasks players with finding Elea’s—the central protagonist’s—husband.

Elea and her husband were tasked with aiding the colonisation of Solace, an habitable exoplanet, to aid humanity’s survival. However, the story takes a darker turn when her husband’s ship goes dark. More than a dozen years after her husband’s disappearance, Elea joins a recovery team to find out what exactly happened outside of Solace.

By skirting the line between mystery tale and interstellar science fiction, the title invokes both horror and scientific intrigue. So far, its Early Access iteration has recieved mixed reviews on Steam. For more, check out the story trailer, embedded below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on  Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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