A release date was announced for the title Cyberpunk Bartender Action: VA-11 Hall-A, more commonly known as Valhalla, in their “final trailer”.

After many various versions being shown at conventions, as well as a demo and prologue release, Valhalla has been given the release date of the 21st of June 2016. It stars Jill, a bartender at the Va-11 HALL-A bar within a cyberpunk dystopian city. As you serve alcohol to your clientele, you learn more about not only the various going-ons but also the people who inhabit this setting. Who knows? Maybe you’ll influence their lives through your booze.

Based on my experience of trying it at EGX Rezzed, the best way to explain the style of writing (that is the centre stage of this visual novel-esque game) is it’s alternative nickname: Waifu Bartending. You really have to dig the idea of just learning about people and the universe through them, or Valhalla will alienate you on sight with it’s catgirls, talkative shibas and other anime mannerisms. This is especially as the core interactive element is mixing alcohol into cocktails every so often, steering the plot in the process, as the visual novel equivalent of shaking you awake occasionally.

Valhalla will be releasing onto Windows, Linux and Mac (which you can preorder now through their website) and at a later date onto iPad and PS Vita.

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