Persona 4 DAN release date shows up on Amazon

The release date for Persona 4 : Dancing All Night has been released on the Amazon US store, with the game set to come out for the PlayStation Vita on the 29th of September. Yesterday, NIS America announced through the official game website and a press release, that the Vita game would be coming for European fans in Fall this year, but did not give a specific date, which has since shown up on the Amazon store.

Although this is by no means an official release date for the game, but so often these dates released early on Amazon for games are either really close to the final date or right on the mark. The date shown below is on the Europe Special Edition Version page, but the date also appears the normal copy for North American release on Amazon.

We sure hope this is the final date but we will update you when we hear more about whether or not this is the official date from NIS America for Europe and North America.

Persona 4 DAN Release Date Amazon

In the announcement yesterday, NIS America detailed a Special “Disco Fever” Edition coming to Europe, which you can find out more details of at the game’s official website store page and amazon store.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a story driven, music rhythm game which follows the events of Persona 4 and the story from the Arena fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax released in 2014. The characters from Persona 4 are once again drawn into an investigation mission, when they are pulled onto the Midnight Stage and must defeat shadows from the Midnight Channel with the power of dance.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, as the game’s story is there more to facilitate how the events came to be, and allow for all your favorite Persona 4 characters a chance to dance to some of the amazing beats from the original score of Persona 4.

We can’t wait for this next installment in the Persona series, with my preorder already down for the European special edition, it couldn’t come any sooner. Check out the latest trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night below which was released during E3 and let us know if you are excited for what is sure to be one funky and fun game for Vita owners.

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