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Into the Breach, the next title from Subset Games, has been given a release date that is much closer than many would have guessed.

Subset Games, the developer behind the immensely popular 2012 rogue-like strategy game FTL: Faster Than Light, has announced that Into the Breach will be hitting PCs on February 27.

Though the team has considered platforms other than PC, it currently has no plans to expand Into the Breach’s release.

Into the Breach was announced in February of last year with a trailer, proving that Subset Games had no interest in moving away from the strategy genre any time soon. Now, seemingly without warning, the indie developer has revealed the game will arrive in a little under three weeks.

For its newest project, the team is creating a game that looks a bit like a strategic version of Pacific Rim, thanks to the inclusion of mechs that bear resemblance to those from the film series.

Players will battle creatures on grid-based battlefields across different environments. Each battle takes place on an island with officials that must be protected.

For an added measure of fun and intrigue, Into the Breach’s narrative includes a time travel element to shake things up. This gameplay spice is shown off as a feature on the developer’s website. The description for the time travel mechanic reads, “Failure is not an option. When you are defeated, send help back through time to save another timeline.” This aspect is likely to benefit from Subset Games’s familiarity with the rogue-like genre.

Gameplay in the turn-based RPG appears to resemble that of XCOM. One of the main draws, at least according to the description, is the fact that the title will allow players to “build the ultimate mech” through an in-game upgrade system.

For more information on what Subset Games will be up to next, be sure to check in with OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

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