Ultra-violent beat-em-up Mother Russia Bleeds release date has been announced for PC, Mac, and Linux for September 5th in a new gameplay trailer.

Mother Russia Bleeds, based on the trailers, looks to combine Hotline Miami with Streets of Rage. You play as an imprisoned convict in an alternate-USSR as you curb-stop and skull-crush your way through the streets to overcome an oppressive criminal authority. You have not only the campaign mode, but also a survival mode to try to get through. Both these you can bludgeon to an inch of your life alone or with up to three others.

As a fan of brutal gameplay and gore, especially when done to such a gritty ridiculous level, I admit this is a title I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. I also grew up on Streets of Rage, so it scratches that nostalgic itch as well. In addition, publisher Devolver Digital feels like the cherry on top, as they’ve had a good history for releasing high-quality unusual darker games.

Mother Russia Bleeds is coming to PlayStation 4, as well, but with the vague release date of “Fall 2016.”

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