Rebellion are on the verge of announcing a new game before the Games Development Conference (GDC) in March according to Jason Kingsley, co-founder and CEO of the British-based company.

Rebellion are possibly most recognised as the studio behind the Sniper Elite series, as well as various other movie and television tie-ins such as The Simpons Games and Alien vs Predator. It’s unclear whether this announcement will be a sequel to Sniper Elite III or not, but Kingsley is proud of his creation’s impact in the gaming world,

“To be honest we’re flattered that people are actively searching out for a new Sniper Elite title, and we certainly don’t mind being mentioned next to projects like Black Ops 3 and Unreal!”

He goes on to confirm the upcoming announcement in the same breath as his pride for Sniper Elite which would lead us to assume this is the direction Rebellion are headed, but we can’t be certain until GDC rolls around, or hopefully just before,

“Last year we celebrated the Sniper Elite series’ 10th birthday and 10 millionth sale, so our IP is still hugely important to both Rebellion and independent UK games development. We’re actually gearing up to announce a new Rebellion game soon, so expect to hear more from us before GDC!”

If we hear any news then we will of course let you guys know, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) and Facebook to hear all the latest.


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