Rebellion Evil Genius 2

Sniper Elite and Alien vs Predator veterans, Rebellion Developments, has announced three titles for E3 2019.

The first of the three games is a sequel to the villainous base building sim, Evil Genius, and will likely feature similar tongue-in-cheek humour while plotting to take over the criminal underworld. The next project being showcased at E3 will be Sniper Elite VR. Fans of the Sniper Elite franchise have already been treated to a remastered version of Sniper Elite 2 and will doubt be excited to see the iconic x-ray vision up close in virtual reality.

If those games were not enough to satiate gamers’ appetites then Rebellion has one more surprise left in store. Alongside Evil Genius 2 and Sniper Elite VR will also be a “major unannounced new title” unveiled during the show. All fans can do now is speculate and wait.

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Richard Flint
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