Rebellion, the developer behind Sniper Elite V2 and Neverdead, has released a video entitled “Coming Feb 2013” and looks to be hinting at the reveal of a new horror title.  The footage shows a lone man, presumably a soldier, running through what looks to be a war-torn WWII-era town.  The ominous music, dreary visual tone, and the shambling shadows at the 0:16 mark would seem to indicate something that would fall somewhere in the “horror” genre.  The description for the video reads:

One man is utterly alone amidst the chaos of war. But there are worse things to fear than bombs and bullets here…

Go to for Priority ONE communiques.

Debuting 14th February 2013, PC fans will soon get the chance to discover for themselves just what is in store for those brave enough to venture into the ‘Totraum’.

Heil Gotterdammerung!

Like me, you may not be fluent in the language, but those last few words sure do look German.  If that’s the case, ‘totraum’ translates to ‘deadspace’.  ‘Gotterdammerung’ is apparently the German translation of ‘Ragnarok’, otherwise known as the end of the world as described in Norse mythology.  If that’s not German enough for you, the logo at the end of the video (seen above) does look to be an altered version of the Nazi Iron Eagle symbol.  Popular speculations around the net have already produced predictions of a Sniper Elite V2 zombie spin-off or a game based on Fiends of the Eastern Front, a comic book series about vampires in WWII.  The latter may seem more likely, considering that Rebellion does own 2000AD, the comic book series in which Fiends of the Eastern Front appears.

So what do you think Rebellion has in store for us, single-players?  Let us know your thoughts below.  It looks like we’ll have to wait until February 14th to find out for sure.  Nothing says “Happy Valentines Day” like vampires, zombies, or whatever other horror-related atrocity that this game will toss at us.  We’ll be sure to stay on top of this one and let you know as more detail become available.



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  1. Knowing Rebellion’s spotty track record, I’ll give them a chance, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    1. Yeah, having Neverdead on your résumé never helps to build confidence amongst gamers. However, I did enjoy both Sniper Elite titles, so I’m interested to see what will come of this.

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