Rebellion Teaser 2

Rebellion has released a second teaser for its unannounced horror game today, you can check it out below. The first teaser led many to believe it was some kind of DLC for Sniper Elite V2, but Rebellion has cleared that up today letting followers know that the game is set to be PC exclusive and will be a stand-alone title debuting February 14th. Judging only from the teasers, we don’t know much, but in just 13 days (ooh spooky) more info will be available.

Along with the trailer however, the Rebellion Twitter account has been posting lines of text, so far here’s what we have.

Amidst the crackle and hiss of the wireless a young girl’s song penetrates the dark… but this is no heart-warming nursery rhyme. It echoes round blood-smeared walls, and past lifeless corpses…..slaughter and isolation juxtaposes with the innocence of a child caught amid an unholy conflict..more to come

Nick Calandra
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