Double Damage Games has just announced when gamers will finally get their hands on the console versions of the critically acclaimed, Rebel Galaxy.

According to the developers Twitter account, Rebel Galaxy will release in the US on Jan 5th for the PS4, with the Xbox One version following shortly after on January 13th. In Europe, the tentative release date for the game is set for Jan 12th, but may not arrive until Jan 19th.

Last week the developers revealed that Rebel Galaxy would be 1080p on the PS4. I looked through their Twitter feed a bit and couldn’t find any info on the Xbox One’s resolution, but I’d assume it’s either 900p or 1080p. Both versions run at 30 frames-per-second.

Rebel Galaxy will cost you $20 when it’s released on consoles, the same price as the PC version of the game.

We reviewed Rebel Galaxy when it released earlier this year and were pretty impressed by it. Here’s a snippet of our review:

Rebel Galaxy is a brilliantly atmospheric game that delivers on the developer’s promises of impactful, enjoyable action sequences that overcomes anything it might sacrifice in the name of approachability. If you ever wanted to be a bad-ass space captain carving your reputation amongst the stars – in a…mostly legal fashion – then Rebel Galaxy will almost certainly deliver.

You can read our full review for the game by following the link. Stay tuned for further updates on the console versions of Rebel Galaxy as the game quickly approaches release.

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