I know, I know. I always talk about how tired I am of open worlds and how I have no time to trudge through them. This is true, for the most part. But if a world is interesting enough and can keep me immersed, I’m more than happy to pour hours of my life into said game. The Witcher 3 was the latest open world to do that for me, and if 4A Games announces their next title to be an open world Metro title, well, I’ll probably find time for that one too.

One thing is for certain: 4A is the master of creating post-apocalyptic worlds. The Metro Series is completely unrivaled in creating an immersive nuclear wasteland, in my opinion. The Fallout series is great fun, but having played through both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Redux, Fallout 4’s open world did very little to impress me.

Just take a look at the screenshots below comparing the two worlds. Metro is, ironically, full of life while Fallout continues to stick to a mostly drab color palette with a noticeable lack of detail when compared with the Metro series. Granted, Fallout takes place in a huge open world with tons of systems going on in the background that disallows Bethesda from making it a graphical showpiece.

(Not the best screenshots for comparison, but you get the point)


Though I’m not really here to take shots at the Fallout series, so I’m not going to continue that discussion. Essentially, 4A Games is supposedly taking Metro in a radical new direction and I can only assume that means they’re going open world. And I hope they are because–with their world building skills–that’s a world I want to get lost in for hours.

The only thing I could see that would hold the Metro series back is what holds a lot of open world games back, and that’s the lack of strong central storyline and interesting side quests. In a post-Witcher world, we’ve come to expect much more from open worlds and are interested in doing more than just collecting items, doing fetch quests, and other clichéd things we’ve come to expect.

In an open world game, I want to do side quests that have their own storylines, exploring to find secret locations, and dungeons and of course, with a world as mutated as Metro’s, finding and hunting down the biggest and nastiest beasts I can find.

Both Metro games have had pretty good stories (they were books first), and with a potential new Metro right around the corner, I have good faith that 4A Games will transport us to another extremely immersive post-apocalyptic world. Whether or not they go open world remains to be seen, but if they take an inspiration from recent open world titles like The Witcher, they have my attention.

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