Ready or Not

Void Interactive has provided the first look at Ready or Not‘s tactical FPS gameplay via an extended eight-minute trailer.

With its focus on infiltration and overcoming entrenched enemy forces, Ready or Not bears similarities to Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege, though with the inclusion of a fully fledged single-player campaign.

In the game, players take control of a SWAT officer in “a unique, detailed, and twisted facsimile of a modern United States.” The task is to bring “some semblance of order to a city divided by crime.”

The developer also promises “a wide array of unique characters, all with their own stories that contribute to the narrative thread.” The voiceover then lists a number of such characters, which includes school children.

During development, Void Interactive has liaised with real police personnel to ensure an authentic experience. Part of that will involve attempting to limit casualties through non-violent options, perhaps reminiscent of Battlefield: Hardline.

The trailer (embedded below) goes into extensive detail about the options available to players, as well as the “intelligently randomised” scenarios that will surely enhance replayability.

In addition to the campaign, Ready or Not will also feature full co-operative and competitive multiplayer gameplay.

Void Interactive is currently targeting a PC release in Q4 2020. In response to a recent fan query about the possibility of a console release, the team said that it “depends on how well the PC version does.”

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