Developer Ready at Dawn is toiling away on a couple of projects, one of which is a new VR experience.

According to a new job posting on Ready at Dawn’s website, the studio is currently, “in the pre-production phase of an exciting new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP we are creating. In addition, we are also in full production on a cutting edge VR experience, in partnership with Oculus.”

The wording on the job posting doesn’t specifically call out The Order: 1886, but since they’ve defined it as a third-person action console title based on a new original IP, you can probably assume it’s a sequel. This should come as no surprise considering The Order sold relatively well and ended on a very strong cliffhanger.

The VR experience Ready at Dawn is working on has yet to be revealed, but based on their work in The Order: 1886, you have reason to be excited. The job postings don’t say much of anything regarding the VR experience, so we’ll have to wait and see just what exactly Ready at Dawn is cooking up on that front.

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  1. It would be fantastic to have a VR experience at the caliber of 1886. However, you can’t have cut scenes any more with VR so they will have to relearn what they have learned.

    1. Might help the development of The Order sequel in the long run in terms of player agency.

  2. Latest news about this is that due to immense power of DX12 they have managed to double the number of hair strands in sir gallahad’s beard. Also it is now going to be more of a survival type game so the player will have to look for food. After consuming food bits will get stuck in the beard. DLC will include barber shop.
    Also thanks to DX12 every item in the game with be pickable and you will be able to rotate it in your hands with even more realism than in previous game. Also every item will reveal a 5mm square etching of the [email protected] logo.
    There would be more lines of text recorded than in fallout4 by more than 200 voice actors. Sadly all lines will be identical “So how do you like it so far”

  3. They are working on a new ip,they don’t work with Sony anymore

    1. Not true. They are working on God of War 4, so don’t know where you get this idea from.

      1. Ready at Dawn isn’t working on God of War 4. That would be Sony Santa Monica, if anyone’s developing it. Ready at Dawn was also never a Sony studio, just made exclusive deals with Sony for their IP.

  4. God, I hope it’s a sequel to The Order:1886 …it’s an amazing game IMO with huge untapped potential. The biggest problem with 1886 was that there simply wasn’t enough of it and it needed a more ‘game’ oriented director helming it.

  5. 1886 was a fantastic game, especially for those of us who care about story-based single player games. The only drawback IMO it was too short!

    I look forward to the sequel.

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