Hey there Single Player Gamers. Welcome to the third Reader Discussion of the year. This week we’d like to know what your gaming resolution is for 2016.

Now we’re a couple of weeks into the year, with the Holiday period well and truly behind us we can look forward to our gaming diaries ahead of us. However, what are you going to do different? Is there a certain type of game you want to play more? Or is there a certain aspect of your schedule you want to spend less time on? Perhaps there’s a certain game you are determined to finish?

Personally, I’d like to play a few more indie games. I already spend time with some each year, but not nearly enough – especially compared to the AAA games I invest so much time in. I’ve got off to a good start with Unepic on Xbox One, and I’m really looking forward to Oxenfree later this week. My most anticipated game this year is We Happy Few from Compulsion Games, and there’s plenty more in this list of over 100 games coming in 2016 if I need some inspiration.

Whatever your gaming resolution is this year, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Rhys Cooper

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