Reader Discussion is a short-form article series we’ll be publishing throughout the week to provide our readers’ a topic of discussion. This week, we’re taking a look at Halo 5: Guardians.

343 is in a bit of a rock and a hard place at the moment. In a previous article discussing the subject, they’ve really put a dent in their reputation with Halo 4, and more recently the disastrous launch of The Master Chief Collection. That’s not to say Halo 4 was a bad game, but it really just didn’t live up to the expectations of many long-time fans of the series, including myself. I loved the story in Halo 4, but the other aspects of the game were quite disappointing to me. The Master Chief Collection’s problems were a bit of a different issue, but still doesn’t bode well for 343.

With Halo 5 though, we’ve already gotten a small taste of the game through the beta released this past Holiday season, and the marketing campaign for the game has been pretty great so far. 343 is even teasing us with images that include characters from the deeper lore of the series. And from a quick glance around the internet, Halo fans seem to be pretty excited about Halo 5, and for good reason, in my opinion.

The hype is pretty high up there for Halo 5: Guardians, which is a tad surprising to me due to the mixed reception for Halo 4, but 343 seem to be hitting all the right notes with Halo fans at this point in time. Let’s hope E3 shows us what 343 is really made of, and can drop the mic when they show us what they’ve been working on.

Nick Calandra
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  1. “The hype is pretty high up there for Halo 5: Guardians, which is a tad surprising to me due to the mixed reception for Halo 4”. Thank you so much for bringing this up. It isn’t going to stop the ungodly hype of Halo 5 by this continually disappointing team but there it is.

    1. I thought Halo 4 was crap…and it finally convinced me to move on from the franchise. I think Halo 5 will sell OK…but just OK. The vast majority of Xbox One owners will buy it…but I don’t think it’s going to help them move hardware this holiday. Not when Sony has a TON of DIVERSE games coming to their console.

      1. Halo 5 will sell console especially if Sony continues current price. It’s a huge title on a new console and new technology.

  2. Halo hasn’t been the same since 343 took over :(

    1. Because that would be boring. By the way, 343=Bungie.

  3. Halo 4 sold over 12 million copies, most successful Halo EVER! MS’s biggest game EVER!3RD party made Mcc. On top of that the H5 beta was flawless and a HUGE success. Get ur head out of your arse . Who lets u write this drivel? #CluelessFanBOY

  4. I was a gamer who primarily played Halo. But i’ve lost faith in the series now. Its legitimately trying too hard to be just like every other AAA shooter released on consoles. Halo used to be built on principles (1-3) and gameplay could evolve and change, but its principles were never compromised. Now all you need to do is look at every modern FPS game on consoles being released, including Halo 5, and the totality of the experience is almost identical. Spartans now play like spiders. Halo lost its identity and there is no reason for casuals to keep coming back to actually play the game unless they love the lore. Star Wars Battlefront will steal Halo’s thunder from a mainstream perspective and the people looking to play an imitation FPS with wall-running, thrust jumping, etc are going to play rip-off Black Ops 3. This may be the most embarrassing year for shooters in a long time. Halo trying to integrate the same mechanisms in other futuristic shooters and calling it a “natural evolution”. Black Ops 3 going further into the future and becoming a clown-show of a game. Treyarch could have at least given us a proper war game (WW2 or before). But 343, Treyarch and others think they have to all aim to give us gamers the same basic experience. This year its just really embarrassing. Are we gamers really sheep?

  5. So the usual PS Poor people like andy and John Nemesh, who can’t afford proper gaming to begin with and a fake gamers are here trying to downplay an awesome game that they will never be able to play on their Pauperstation.
    Delicious, watching their tears, especially since their brick from a dying corporation has zero worthwile exclusives coming this year.

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