Rare’s slight resurrection looks to continue into 2019 with news that a small band of veterans from its Nintendo 64 heyday have grouped together to develop a cutesy, referential platformer named Tamarin.

Chameleon Games, the developer, has a few big names on its roster, including Donkey Kong 64 artist Richard Vaucher and composer David Wise. Outside of the trailer, not a lot of information has come out about Tamarin. Unsurprisingly given the developer’s roots, Tamarin features a monkey-based character, much like its more famous cousin, Banjo-Kazooie.

From the trailer, the game appears to be heavily indebted to third-person Nintendo 64-era platformers in both level and artistic design. The title features some third-person shooting elements, along with basic platforming. Story-wise, the game appears to pit players against an encroaching force of ants who are invading the home of the protagonist’s people. Overall, the game’s biggest charms are its aesthetics and eponymous main character that are both bathed in nostalgia.

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Ben Newman

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