Craig Duncan, studio head of Rare, has revealed that the team is entirely focused on developing a “new IP” despite the revival of Battletoads. 

Duncan, in an interview with Game Reactor, revealed that Rare, which is offering help to UK-based developer Dlala Studios in the development of Battletoads, will be splitting its future efforts between support for Sea of Thieves and a new IP.

Additionally, Duncan contextualised about how the Battletoads revamp came to be, stating that Dlala came to Rare with an “amazing” pitch. Interest in a series revival has been circulating for years, so Dlala’s pitch likely involved an imaginative take on the universe to impress Rare.

Duncan also stated that Dlala’s “great hand-drawn animation talent,” as well as the “passion and creativity” of  CEO Aj Grand-Scrutton was the driving force behind the decision.

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Ben Newman

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