Early last month, we reported on the announcement of Rambo: The Video Game by Reef Entertainment.  While we’ll have to wait for more in-depth details to come out of Gamescom 2012 where a demo will be playable, a few assets became available today, along with a press release.

According to Reef Entertainment, the game “will be a fixed-perspective, first-person & action game”  that uses the first three films in the series as “basis for authentic Rambo gameplay”.  The screenshots are of three different settings, indicating that the game will take place in multiple locales.  Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show any actual game content, but rather is a collage of various scenes from the films.  Regardless, it does make me anticipate this game a bit more as I am curious to see if they can capture the gritty, yet cheesy violence that made the films so great.  Check out a portion of the press release below, along with the screenshots and trailer.


RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will be a fixed-perspective, first-person shooter & action game allowing players to fill the combat boots of John Rambo on a violent journey through iconic action sequences from the original three legendary Rambo movies.

FIRST BLOOD ™, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II ™ & RAMBO III ™ will form the basis for authentic Rambo gameplay comprising shoot-outs, stealth killings, demolition, knife-play and more.

Developed by Teyon; RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will leverage contemporary gameplay elements such as destructible terrain, cover-based shooting and rag-doll physics to deliver the high-quality Rambo-action fans around the world expect.

Reef Entertainment Commercial Director Craig Lewis said: “For RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME we are concentrating on authenticity to the films, variety of action and explosive gameplay sequences.

By matching classic fixed-perspective play to a contemporary game engine we believe we can deliver a game that matches the pace and action set-piece diversity of the films.”



At this point, we have no other info about the game.  We’ll be sure to let you know as more becomes available, especially when we hear some impressions from the playable demo at Gamescom.  In the meantime, stay tuned to OnlySP for more news and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute information.

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  1. Honestly, I&#039m impressed. I might check out this game.

  2. Honestly, I'm impressed. I might check out this game.

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