During E3 2015 in June, Ubisoft talked about the single player facet of Rainbow Six Siege that you may have completely missed like we did due to the details being hidden away in their Ubi Blog.

In the latest game to the Rainbow Six series, a player vs. environment game mode is implemented with a  scenario-based focus for single player. Ubisoft states that it will comprise of about half of Rainbow Six Siege’s content.

The premise:

After years of dormancy, the Rainbow program has been reactivated by a new Six (voiced by Angela Bassett) to combat a new enemy known only as the White Masks. You have been called on to assemble an elite team of specialists from counter-terrorist units around the world, and in Rainbow Six Siege, you will recruit these Operators through various missions, by playing any mode and gaining renown.

The White Masks are a relative mystery. Their motives and goals are unknown, but we do know they have no qualms with taking innocent lives. “We don’t know what they want, but they are wreaking havoc all over the world,” says Witts. “Rainbow is the taskforce called in to take down this threat. It’s up to you to rebuild the program under Six’s direction.”

All of the scenarios are built with a single player focus in mind, though they are all compatible with co-op.

The “White Masks” are the enemies players will fight against, and they will have the same abilities the player characters will such as barricading themselves and setting traps. They will come in a variety of archetypes, each with their own playstyles such as the “Alpha,” a fully armored enemy that uses a light machine gun and has a bomb vest strapped to them.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is slated for a PC, PS4 and Xbox One release on October 13, 2015.

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Source: Ubisoft

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  1. No. I hate games that dont have a single player campain or story. Its just not worth my 60 bucks to be honest. I love single player. I do that way more than multi. I dont like to play with ither people. Andvyhe whole plaver vs ai or bot crap always sucks

    1. Eh, it sounds like it might be a little more than that. But, the Ubi Blog post is pretty confusing as to how they explained what this actually is. We’ll keep an eye out for more updates.

  2. We should wait and see on this one. It could end up being good, but I really liked the way we could customize everything and approach things tactically in Vegas, and further more in the first titles. Now in this one it seems focused on fast pace action/reaction type of play, which could be fun, but I’m not sure if it will have legs if it is too concentrated on coop and team communication. Every time I see their demo where players speak like real soldiers I roll my eyes, as the online world is not even 2% like that.

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