Acclaimed tactical team-based shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige is getting a new game mode called ‘Lights Out’ to all maps this year.

The new game mode will make all maps take place on a cloudy night and during a power outage, making the inside of buildings completely dark. To combat this, players are now going to be equipped with toggleable flashlights on their guns or chest.

‘Lights Out’ is bringing a whole new level to stealth, as enemies will not be seen but their laser pointers, electronic gun sights, and footsteps will be the biggest tell for where they are. Defending players will receive a new deployable gadget: a portable light on a tripod. The lights can be shot out by the enemy or even taken to a new location.

The flashlight can be mapped to any button to allow players to manually strobe the light while aiming down the sight to disorient the enemy players.

Ubisoft has mentioned that drones are cameras will still work and be able to see in the dark, but the red light on them when powered on will make them stand out more in the darkness. In addition, the cameras run off of auxiliary power and will continue to work.

All operators can break open walls and some excel at it. With the new changes, light pouring in from outside will now play a factor. If a pitch black room has a window or wall damaged, outside light will pour in and illuminate the area.

One operator, Glaz, would do very well in this mode due to his thermal optics, but the recent rework for him was in preparation for ‘Lights Out’. His scope will now glow, for balance in gameplay, but will only show thermal images when stable.

Blitz will be getting two more flashes in this game mode because testing has shown that players will use it to get a glimpse of a larger area. Additionally, Bandit and Kaid’s gadgets that create electricity will let off a glow, leaving areas to be dimly lit. Many new tactics can be used with this for Intel or a sight advantage.

Caveira will be getting an increased hearing when in her stealth mode, because utilizing a flashlight would give her position away.

Ubisoft has made hints about the idea of a random chance that each map will have a chance to take place in a thunderstorm, creating random bursts of light and more noise to mess with players’ senses.

A trailer for the mode should be revealed in the next couple of weeks.

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