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The first story expansion for Rage 2 will now release in September according to a roadmap released by Bethesda.

The roadmap, which Bethesda published on its Twitter page, reveals that ‘Rise of the Ghosts’ will not make the original August launch date. This major downloadable content was announced in June and will take place after the events of Rage 2’s story. The DLC will also feature a previously unseen faction as well as new weapons and abilities for the player to use.

As well as the new launch date for ‘Rise of the Ghosts’, Bethesda has also released an update for Rage 2. The free patch introduces a New Game Plus mode as well as a harder difficulty level. Players can now skip the early tutorials and make use of a torch in dark areas.

Bethesda has not revealed an exact release date for the story expansion other than September. The second major piece of DLC is still scheduled for November 2019.

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