Rage 2: Rise of the Ghosts

Rage 2 is set to revive the infamous Ghosts from the original Rage in its first expansion pack, ‘Rise of the Ghosts’.

‘Rise of the Ghosts’ will include an entirely new map region for players to explore. Additionally, Avalanche Studios has also added a new weapon, Void ability, vehicle, and multiple new enemies. The expansion was originally set for release in August, but Bethesda announced it would be delayed for a month.

Set after the events of the main campaign, the story follows Walker battling the infamous Ghost faction from the original Rage. The Ghosts are led and controlled by a sole individual, Iris, with several interesting abilities, including a phase shift. Iris is hell-bent on converting all humanity into Ghosts.

According to Bethesda.net, “Iris and the Ghosts fled to the Overgrown City, where for years they underwent intensive brainwashing and were subjected to experiments that left them with powerful and mysterious nanotrite abilities.”

‘Rise of the Ghosts’ is available today on PC from Bethesda.net and Steam, as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The DLC costs $1,500 Rage Dollars (in-game currency) or USD$15 in real currency.

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