Quarantine, a new turn-based strategy game that tasks players with preventing the pathogenic extinction of humanity, is now available on Steam Early Access.

Created by Austrian developers Sproing, and published by 505 Games, Quarantine appears to draw inspiration from the 2007 board game Pandemic, and turns the turn-based strategy genre on its head. Rather than defending against an opposing army, players aim to contain and eliminate one of three types of pathogens: viruses, bacteria, and prions, each of which reacts differently to the player’s efforts.

Despite this fundamental change, however, the core gameplay appears similar to other examples of the genre, with players having to assemble a team of experts, each with a particular class specialisation, and send them on missions around the world to increase their skills. Furthermore, the player must conduct research and set up additional bases in order to further their reach and increase their chances of ensuring the disease does not spread. The launch trailer embedded below provides a very brief look at the fundamentals of gameplay.

Even in its Early Access state, the game comes packed with content, including three different difficulty settings and a randomised disease evolution system, ensuring that the game constantly presents new challenges.

Quarantine is currently planned to leave Early Access by the end of 2017, however, the developers do not have a set roadmap for continued expansion and development of the game. Instead, community feedback will be taken on board to help determine additional game modes, disease types, and gameplay mechanics.

Quarantine is available now on Steam, with purchases made in the first week of availability (until February 17) receiving a 10% from the game’s usual price of USD$14.99.

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Damien Lawardorn
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