Wouldn’t you know it? Another rumor leading up to E3.

It seems that one of the Xbox One exclusives originally slated for release in the Fall of 2014 maybe have been pushed back to 2015. Shinobi602, who leaked the embargo information for Halo 5: Guardians ahead of its reveal yesterday, had a source tell him that Quantum Break wouldn’t be releasing this year. Talking directly with Shinobi, he told us that his source said the game has been pushed back to Summer 2015.

To further add to this rumor, an Italian gaming website, 4News.it, also posted a news story on this possible rumor along with an apparent quote from Remedy on the subject. While 4News.it did not name the specific development member of Remedy who apparently revealed the news, this is the quote they obtained.

Small Update: 4News.it seems to be down currently. Here’s a link to the cached version of the page.

(We took the liberty to fix up some of the grammatical errors made with Google Translate)

Working on a game like Quantum Break is a unique opportunity in life. We are building something that we are really proud of and do not want to compromise the quality of the final release. The game will release when it is ready, do not worry. Meanwhile, we thank you for exceptional support for the community is the basis of what we are doing and we’ll try to make the game all that you expect.

Again, as noted this is an unconfirmed statement and will remain as a rumor for now. The game never really had a marked release date set for 2014, but that seems to be when most people expected the game to release. All in all, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the game release in 2015 rather than 2014, considering Sunset Overdrive and the rumored Halo: Master Chief Collection will be releasing this year, along with the possibility of Forza: Horizon 2.

The previous leaked details released by NKTRNL on NeoGAF have mostly been true so far, aside from the Titanfall DLC release timing, but that was all the way back in January so things may have changed since he listed Quantum Break as Holiday 2014 release. Again, considering just how jam packed this Holiday season is going to be, it wouldn’t be a big surprise.

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  1. This would be not good for x1 owners looking forward to first party titles in 14. Another year to see any. Titanfall isnt going to hold another year.

    1. Project Spark. Fable Legends. Sunset Overdrive. Halo.

      1. So the only exclusive game on your list for 2014 is Sunset Overdrive…2014 is really empty on xbox one.

      2. none of which are triple A.Project spark is indie at best. Halo aniv. and remakes dont count. and gears is atleast 2 years off. and sunset is a niche title. which isnt going to appeal to the vast majority. “E3 is going to be about games games games and more games” that you can enjoy starting in 15′ lol

    2. You’re kidding right. There are several AAA exclusives heading to the system this year.

      1. Sunset Overdrive/Forsa Horison 2 in a whole year is not what i’d call ” several” , but very few.

    3. Don’t start with the flame bouyant comments. It’s a quick way to get banned here, we don’t allow those types of conversations to flourish. Not that this first comment was too bad, but if the conversation gets too heated it will be stopped. Just a fair warning :)

  2. Unfortunate if it’s pushed back, but I like my games working, so take you time. Just don’t waste it.

  3. makes sense. Literally everything is being pushed to 2015. They announced the consoles early than expected I think. None of these games they announced are ready. Looks like its just gonna be Dragon Age and…..Destiny this year.

    1. Well, I think it was more so the games were announced earlier than they should have been simply to drive up hype for the consoles and drive sales. Smart, but delays are always expected early on in the generation. Hopefully cross-gen dies out sooner than later though or at least hand off past-gen makes off to another developer like they did for Titanfall and are doing for Advanced Warfare.

  4. what!!! No!!!¡!!!!!!!!! Not!! QB!!!!!!!

  5. That quote from the IT site is awfully similar to what was said in the Tom Clancy’s The Division delay official statement….

  6. if they push it back to 2015 too, then there really is no reason for an XO yet..

    BUT that means, MS it taking their games seriously (not rushing it like the last Gears)…..2015 could very well be XO’s year..

    Sony had better be prepared.. (on one had not rush any hit games themselfs, making sure the their exclusives are all epical.. but also make sure they have enough great games for 2015..)

  7. Sooo, regular NeoFAG members are now insiders too…yeah, we all knew that community was full of shit. But they are proving over and over that they are the losers of current civilization trying nothing more than seek recognition for having failed at real life.

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