It looks like Shinobi602 was on the mark with Quantum Break being a 2015 release.

John Needham the studio head at the Microsoft Europe publishing team in speaking to OXM told them that Quantum Break has only just now entered “full production”.

“It’s a big first party title, we’re not talking about it much, but it’s a big exciting title – just hit full production.”- Needham

Just the other day we reported on a rumor from multiple sources that Quantum Break will not be making it into this year’s Fall lineup of games for the Xbox One, and this seems to only confirm that rumor further. We won’t know for sure until E3 rolls around and we get a proper update on the game, but a 2015 release for the game is looking much more likely.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Just hitting full production sounds odd.
    What has remedy been doing since Alan Wake released. Full production could mean entering crunch time or even bug testing before disc manufactoring. Oh well if it is a 2015 game maybe it will release in march

  2. Please please let it be a Early 2015 title at the latest.

    We all know Remedy loves to polish their games but Quantum Break NEEDS to start making appearances at E3/Gamescom. I need some more gameplay if I’m waiting till 2015!

    1. We’re hearing Summer 2015 at the moment. So it’ll be a bit. I’d bet on an release next August.

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