Thomas Puha of Remedy Games recently took to NeoGAF to answer some questions regarding some aspects of Quantum Break gamers found worrisome.

One of the things people found worrisome was that the game looked very linear in nature based on the gameplay demos we’ve seen thus far, most notably at Gamescom this past August. Puha posted a response to this on NeoGAF saying, “There is a lot of just exploring, talking to NPC’s and being immersed in the world, we cut out the exploration bit since we only had 5 minutes of stage time. Rest assured, we got a great balance of action, adventure and time breaking down craziness.”

People are also apparently worried that the game won’t be a challenge. Puha explained that the game will be much more challenging in the final version as the AI wasn’t fully developed yet at the time of the game’s showing.

Puha further explained, “There are a variety of Monarch enemy types you come up against. Some of them like the Strikers (and the Juggernaut you saw in the bridge sequence) have experimental Chronon technology, which levels the playing field as it allows them to warp around as Jack does, and they really do now so, it’s nowhere near as easy to kill them.”

We will keep an eye out for more Quantum Break details as the game’s 2016 release date approaches. Stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

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