Here’s your first look at the gameplay of Quantum Break, courtesy of Remedy Games. Everything about the game from the short 30 seconds or so of gameplay we see looks fantastic and should be Remedy’s best game yet if everything goes according to plan. Be sure to keep checking back here at OnlySP for all the latest on Quantum Break by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

‘Quantum Break’ News and Video Coming Today

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  1. It looks quite amazing. I wouldn’t buy a console just for it, but still. I like how Remedy approaches different types of storytelling and interaction. They always push the envelop a bit further.

    This new idea of a TV series alongside the game is interesting. We had the webisodes for Alan Wake, but those were more of a prequel thing, not really a part of the game. I have no idea how they plan to make the changes work as a story for whichever way the player plays the game, but if it works, our minds will be blown.

    1. same thing, wish itwas on pc.

  2. It looks nice for sure. I wonder what’ll be at E3, I thought for sure QB would.

  3. WoOoW it looks really amazing

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