Developer Remedy Entertainment is hoping to achieve some amazing story-telling along with intense combat scenes in their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. According to the developer, they are drawing inspiration from the gun-play in the Max Payne series and the story-telling of Alan Wake .

While discussing this plan with, Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne stated:

“We’ve taken a lot of the learnings about interactive storytelling from Alan Wake and we hope to raise the bar further. We’ve taken a lot of the learnings about cinematic combat and shooting mechanics from Max Payne to push those further. We’re building on those for what will hopefully be the ultimate Remedy experience.”

While speaking on the planned TV show which will run alongside the game, Myllyrinne added:

“The game and TV show ship together as one cohesive package. The episodes of the TV show are interwoven with the episodes of the game. The storylines take place in the same location. Hypothetically you can watch one or play the other but you’ll get so much more out of it if you combine them together.”

If there was anything out there to interest me in buying the Xbox One, besides Ryse, it would most definitely be Quantum Break. Hopefully they pull off this inspirational mixture flawlessly.

Brandon Morgan
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