Looks like Shinobi602 was right once again, Quantum Break is coming in 2015.

In a new post on the official Xbox website, we get our first look at Quantum Break, along with a few new details, most notably, the reveal that the game will arrive in 2015. You can read the full set of details just below.

 Launching in 2015 exclusively for Xbox One, “Quantum Break” delivers an entertainment experience like no other with the fusion of an intense, cinematic action game and a high-quality, live-action show.  The game follows “Quantum Break’s” hero, Jack Joyce, as he desperately struggles to prevent the end of time, while the show revolves around the conspiracies and intrigue within the villainous corporation called Monarch Solutions, Jack’s main enemy. Together, they form an intertwining narrative where the actions you take directly impact how the story across both the game and the show unfolds.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

Here’s Your First Look at ‘Quantum Break’s’ Gameplay

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