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Quantic Dream CEO David Cage says he would like to “experiment” with shorter titles in the future.

Cage found the time to chat with OnlySP about Quantic Dream’s recent shift from second to third-party development. During the interview, we asked Cage whether or not the team has ever considered working on small-scale projects.

“Back to your question, we would consider any type of format in the future, as long as it makes sense from a creative point of view and for our players. I would really like to work on shorter experiences to experiment with new ideas, but in reality, it remains to be seen whether there is a market for such experiences.”

While Cage expressed his interest in exploring new creative avenues, it seems deciding to fully commit to a shorter project would not be so easy.

“Many titles suffered trying to experiment with shorter formats, so I would say that this is something we’ll keep an eye on, but we will need to find an experience that is perfectly suited before experimenting with a shorter format.”

Expect our interview with Cage later this week, where we talk with him about Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, and the process of porting some of Quantic Dream’s most celebrated titles over to PC.

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