Detroit: Become Human

Over the past few months, Quantic Dream has been releasing its previously PlayStation-exclusive games on PC, and the team seems almost ready to launch the final one, Detroit: Become Human.

The studio dropped a thirty-second teaser on YouTube featuring one of the game’s lead characters, Markus, giving a speech.

The teaser itself did not reveal the date, but an accompanying tweet indicates that the announcement is “coming soon.”

Quantic Dream’s previous two games, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, are already available on PC. The releases of both were announced almost simultaneously with their launch, suggesting that Detroit: Become Human is not too far away for PC players.

OnlySP’s Mike Cripe recently interviewed Quantic Dream’s David Cage about these ports and the future of the studio now that its independence is assured.

To find out more about the soundscape of Detroit: Become Human, check out Sep Gohardani’s interviews with composers Nima Fakhrara and Philip Sheppard.

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  1. They shouldn’t tease it, they should just release it already. Goddamn, it’s not a new game.

    1. It is in fact new. To pc.

      1. Which makes it a new release, but not a new game. You get what I mean.

        1. That makes it a port.

  2. Headline: “Quantic Dream Teases Upcoming Detroit: Become Human PC Release Date”
    Article: “The teaser itself did not reveal the date”
    Me: “Fuck you.”

    1. That’s why we wrote tease in the headline, not reveal 😛 Don’t worry, we’ll have the date for you as soon as we find out what it is.

      1. seems like Quantic Dream doesn’t know when that date is….

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