Quantic Dream

With its last three games heading to PC later this year, Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream has revealed plans to work on multiple projects simultaneously—and self-publish them.

Speaking to The Verge at GDC, the studio’s co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière called the move away from working with an external publisher “the most important evolution for Quantic Dream.” He also mentioned that all new Quantic Dream projects will be self-published.

One notable philosophical shift resulting from this change is the move to a multi-project development model. de Fondaumière sees “an opportunity to gradually engage the team on multiple projects at the same time.”

He also took time to address the controversial decision to sign a timed exclusivity deal with Epic Games for the PC release of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human:

“Quality has always been of paramount importance to us and the fact that the Epic Games Store offers its partners a better share of revenues will ultimately enable us to create more qualitative games for players.”

For more than 10 years, the studio has been making PlayStation-exclusive games, though revealed earlier this year that its plans were changing. At that time, creative director David Cage confirmed that future projects will follow the interactive drama format that the team pioneered.

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