Quantic Dream has finally revealed its next game today as Detroit: Become Human.

The trailer is reminiscent of the tech demo for “Kara” that Quantic Dream showcased some time ago. If you’re a fan of sci-fi adventures, Detroit: Become Human should be right up your alley. The trailer reminded me of the recent movie Ex Machina, which I very much enjoyed so I’m excited to see how Detroit shapes up.

I was also born in Michigan, so it’s nice to finally get a game centered around the Detroit area. Check out the beautiful looking trailer just below and be sure to let us know what you think of Detroit: Become Human in the comments section.

Detroit: Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. No release date was given at the conference.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Impressive, its so amazing like Kara Tech demo. I want to see more of this title in action:)

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