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In an interview Dualshockers, Quantic Dream elaborated on the process of porting its previously PlayStation exclusive games to PC.

Quantic Dream’s David Cage discussed how the studio always had a good relationship with Sony and how after some discussion, the company allowed the studio to release Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human on PC. Cage noted that the games were developed with the PlayStation systems in mind, so the studio spent over a year porting, optimizing engines, and redesigning controls for the PC platform:

“When we developed the PlayStation versions, all the code was native for PlayStation, optimized to the bone to run as best as possible on that platform. We also designed the interface for the PlayStation controller, as we always wanted to support the platform as much as we could and to be as close to it as possible. All these advantages we had on PlayStation became challenges in porting the game to PC.”

Additionally, Cage said that he did not want the games to be just “straight ports” to PC, and that the studio had to “refactor the engine, ensuring it would run well on low-end PCs and in 60fps 4K on high-end PCs, with upgraded assets,” and modify “the interface to make it suited to a keyboard and mouse, as well as to different types of controllers.”

Finally, Cage mentioned that he is pleased with the PC ports of Quantic Dream’s games and is confident that they will perform well on the Epic Games Store.

Quantic Dream announced earlier this year that its catalog was going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. Also check out Only SP’s review of Beyond: Two Souls, where Matt Bianucci called the game an “epitome of a fantastic story”.

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