Recently, a number of publications (including Gameology and The Daily Express) published pieces about an upcoming single-player story mode for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, perhaps connected to the game’s upcoming console release.

Leaving aside the good and bad points of such an idea, at present Bluehole Studios has not announced any such mode.

The concept of a story mode seems to be based on an off-hand comment developer Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown) made in an interview with Game Informer in late May.

Greene speculated about a possible future story mode on The Game Informer Show podcast, before specifying that no such campaign was currently in development:

“I think lore is important for creating it, but we don’t have any serious lore there […] if we were going to do a single-player campaign then maybe the history of the island would come into it. […] Originally I thought, because we have this Russian island and there’s evidence of a military occupation there, it’d be fun to have a Watch Dogs kind of game based on the island where it was a bustling island with military occupation and you and five friends or four friends can play a single kind of multiplayer campaign, but set in the ’70s. I thought that would be a cool era to set something kind of like Watch Dogs. Well, not Watch Dogs, but where you set out to capture each town on the island and take over the island from the military occupation. That was my concept of it.”

“No plans for it yet,” Greene stated. “That’s a big dream. I kind of just had the idea for it.”

As PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer experience with no single-player story-mode planned, OnlySP is unlikely to provide further coverage of the title. However, for the latest in fact-checked video game news, be sure to follow OnlySP on  FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr.

Marley Hannan
A former stand-up comedian, YouTube vlogger, game developer, and, currently, a video game journalist for OnlySP, Marley Hannan entertains a vast range of interests including Dungeons and Dragons, Neil Gaiman, and really, really good video games.

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