Fans of the brooding darkness and  upcoming psychological-horror game Visage, prepare to be disappointed by a major delay.

Via an update on the game’s Kickstarter page, SadSquare Studios recently announced that, contrary to the previous update, Visage will not definitely release in 2017. Instead, the developers gave an ambiguous ‘someday’ timeframe. Translation: they don’t know when the game will be finished to their, and hopefully our, satisfaction, but it will be released. Someday.

Other than a release date disappointment, SadSquare also gave a quick rundown of things development-wise, plus a couple of new screenshots (which can be seen below). In short, progress is the fastest it has ever been, with much work done in terms of using Unreal Engine and much to be scared about when it finally comes out.

Visage is a first-person game that cannot be adequately described in words. As is true of all games, especially first-person games, Visage needs to be played (and screamed/cursed at) first-hand, rather than read about second-hand, which is why the trailer does the game more justice than writing ever could.

But to at least make an attempt: Visage pits players as the new owner of an old house in the 1980s. The property has changed hands multiple times in its long centuries of existence, but despite its age and turnover rate, the house does not show decay, nor has it ever suffered damage or disrepair. The player must explore the house and grounds, as well as what lies beneath and beyond, to slowly learn the truth behind why their predecessors either suffered horrible deaths or lived out their days until their natural deaths. But players will find that the house, something, or maybe someone, does not want them to.

So, Single-Players, what do you think of this major change in release window for Visage? Sound off in the comments below!

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