YouTube channel PlayStationAccess published a video Friday called “20 Things You Didn’t Know About  PlayStation4,” revealing some new, exciting information about Sony’s upcoming console. Though much of the information is technically old news, some new tidbits did find their way into the video.

The video talks briefly about the PS4’s capability of instantly switching between games and other applications “in most situations,” a feature that previously had been a main pillar of the Xbox One’s marketing strategy. The video also goes into the flexibility of the PS4’s content management, mentioning a player’s ability to access his or her content on any PS4 console as long as they sign in. There’s also an option, however, to make one console your “home” system, making your content available to all users from that one machine.

The video also gave a good amount of details vague enough to inspire some excited anticipation. It revealed that there are currently more than 140 games in development for the system. When it started talking about Gaikai, the PS4’s system of releasing popular PS3 games as digital PS4 downloads, it flashed up scenes from Uncharted 3, Journey and The Last of Us, hinting that Sony may already be working toward these particular ports.

You can check out the video in its entirety below.

Source PlayStation Access (via Game Informer)

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