The PS4 has just been announced with all new content and it looks amazing. The controller, as rumored will have a touch screen in the middle of the controller and looks almost exactly the same as the prototype controller images that leaked out just a few days ago.

Sony has also announced the long rumored live streaming application, which allows you to livestream your gameplay while playing the game, as well as record it. Along with livestreaming, Gaikai will also be integrated into the Playstation Store, allowing you to instantly play games.


Keep checking back about every 15 second for updates, things are flying out like crazy from the livestream.


– Controller has touch screen, share button, and “light pad.”

Knack, a cartoon-style game about a war between goblins in the future, is announced as a PS4 launch title.

– With the “share” feature, you’ll be able to record gameplay from the PS4 and upload it online easily and efficiently. You’ll also be able to have someone assist with your games somehow and essentially have them help you beat it. More details to come soon.

– Tim Schafer (Double Fine) and staff from Ready at Dawn studios were interviewed, indicating that they may have next-gen games in the works.

– Below are the notable technical specs of the PS4:


Killzone: Shadowfall, the fourth entry in the FPS series, is announced as a PS4 launch title. From what we’re seeing, the game takes place on Vekta, the ISA planet from the first game. The cover system returns, though the controls look a little less weighty than the trademark purposeful sluggishness the series is known for.


Driveclub, a game by Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios, is announced as a PS4 title. The game is to be team-based, with an online co-op focus. It will be extremely socially connected. It will be an extremely realistic driving game, with cars painstakingly detailed after real-life vehicles. The game specializes in first-person cockpit views.

inFAMOUS: Second Son is announced, made by Sucker Punch. You’ll control a man with superpowers in a world dominated by security and strict motorization.

The Witness, a puzzle game designed by Jonathan Blow of Braid fame, is announced. It’s to have a sort of whimsical, fantasy tone and take place on an island.

– David Cage of Quantic Dream presents a demonstration of the facial animations that gamers can expect from the PS4.

– Media Molecule presents new creative Playstation Move technology.

– Capcom shows off their upcoming graphics engine, codenamed “Panta Rhei.”

– Capcom also showcases Deep Down (working title), a game being developed with the engine. It’s supposedly about a medieval fantasy setting, complete with dragons, until the ending shows that the scenario was being ‘played’ by some character.

– Square Enix shows off an extended version of their tech demo, Agni’s Philosophy.

– Brand director Shinji Hasimoto announces new Final Fantasy title, to be fully revealed at E3 2013.

– Ubisoft shows off more footage for Watch Dogs. It will release on PS4, likely also for PS3. Parkour akin to Assassin’s Creed is showcased in a chase. More hacking opportunities are also presented, such as ATMs, trains, roadblocks, etc. Extensive info for civilians, such as age and job status, will be available to the player.

– Blizzard announces a port of Diablo III coming to PS4. They said they also have a PS3 version, fully functional and playable, in the works. 4-player co-op will be available.

– Activision shows off Bungie’s upcoming title, Destiny, coming to both PS3 and PS4. It was in the making for 10 years. In-engine footage is shown off. The game will emphasize co-op, was called a “shared world shooter.” The game will supposedly entertain you “for years to come.”

– A final montage of trailer and gameplay footage was shown. The PS4 will be coming Holiday 2013.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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