Matt Birch, CEO and Founder of Heavy Spectrum, recently announced the Shadow of the Beast release date on the PlayStation blog. Anxiously awaiting fans will be able to get their hands on the game May 17, 2016.

The team reached a critical point in development over the last few months, focusing intensely on the gameplay, especially the combat system. Combat has been fine-tuned from all angles, creating what Birch describes as “buttery smooth combat, just like the golden age combat action games from the past.” The game’s protagonist, Aarbron, also received a tune-up. Players will be able to utilize his abilities to the fullest extent and mess-around with some new mysterious artifacts.

Birch also made a point to note that pre-ordering will get you a “fantastic free dynamic theme featuring a brand new original creature designed by acclaimed artist Roger Dean,” artist for the original 1989 Shadow of the Beast. The game will be available for pre-order soon.

Shadow of the Beast was first announced at Gamescom in 2013.

Check out the trailer below if you need a refresher on their reincarnation. Learn more about Heavy Spectrum and their games here, and give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest.


Joanna Nelius
Joanna is drawn to sci-fi and post-apocalyptic worlds, and games with a generous amount of gore. When she's not gaming, she's convincing her friends it's a good idea to go into abandoned buildings.

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