Proteus, the acclaimed indie exploration game from Ed Key and David Kanaga, will be ported to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita by Curve Studios in the fall, Curve announced on the PlayStation blogs this morning.

According to the blog post, the team at Curve is working to better harness the PS3 hardware to make the new port “even better than the original.” The game will also be eligible for Cross-Buy, so a purchase of the PS3 version will come with a free Vita download of the game.

In Proteus, the player takes a first-person stroll through a heavily stylized, pixilated world that changes seasons throughout the game. The landscape is also “procedurally generated,” meaning the setting will change with each playthrough.

The team at Curve has worked closely with Sony before, helping to bring the Buzz! trivia franchise to the PSP and releasing the platformer Explodemon for the PS3 back in early 2011. The developers don’t seem to be finished working with Sony, either, as they are reportedly looking to turn their attention to PS4 development for the next generation.

Other than porting Proteus, Curve is also known for the Stealth Bastard franchise and Nintendo’s Fluidity franchise.

Source: PlayStation blogs (Via Polygon)

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