Project Sakura Wars

Sega has revealed that it is reviving the Sakura Wars series, more than ten years on from the previous entry.

Currently featuring the working title of Project Sakura Wars (New Sakura Wars in Japan), the game will recapture the spirit of the earlier titles. Key to this goal is the return of the mech-based battle system that combines relationship-building story segments.

The exact nature of the gameplay has not yet been revealed, though previous entries utilise tactical turn-based combat not dissimilar to that found in the Valkyria Chronicles series. Sega promises a deep combat system “that takes full advantage of each squad member’s unique abilities.”

Meanwhile, social interactions are governed by the LIPS dialogue system, which determines both the words and tone of the protagonist’s speech, in turn affecting the relationships.

The game takes place a decade on from Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, and focuses on a global competition called the World Combat Revue War.

According to a recent Famitsu interview, translated by Siliconera, the development team is treating the project as “a ‘reboot’ rather than a ‘sequel’.”

Project Sakura Wars is scheduled to launch in Japan this year and in other regions next year exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game will feature Japanese voice acting, complemented by English, French, German, and Spanish subtitles.

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