Project Rap Rabbit is a new game on Kickstarter, which brings together the creators of PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man for a new story-based rhythm-action title.

With this new project, Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa the Rapper) and Keiichi Yano (Gitaroo Man) are aiming to reinvent and perfect the genre that they pioneered twenty years ago. Central to this new project is the goal of marrying classic rhythm-based gameplay with more modern mechanics, such as dialogue trees and player-centric experimentation.

Key to these aspects will be the “Call and Response” gameplay segments, which are styled after rap battles and require players to listen to their opponent’s jabs before replying with the most appropriate emotional response chosen from Boast, Coerce, Joke, and Laugh. Other innovative elements include the Swag Gauge, which determines which character will win any given battle, and the presence of bonuses that can be gained through perfect timing and will determine a player’s standing on the game’s online leaderboards.

The story, meanwhile, promises to adhere to the heritage of “happiness, experience, and love” that characterised the early rhythm-action games. Players will take the role of an anthropomorphic rabbit, Toto-Maru, in an alternate version of 16th century Japan, as they seek to end the corruption of the world and bring  about world peace through the power of rap. The visuals of the game will also reflect the setting, as the artistic style is heavily influenced by classic Japanese artworks, as well as the contemporary works of Studio Ghibli and Akira Yamaguchi.

Project Rap Rabbit is currently on Kickstarter, seeking $1.1 million dollars to bring the game to PC and PlayStation 4 in late 2018.

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