A new video has surface on the Project Phoenix Kickstarter page. This video showcases the games use of terrain during combat and how you can explore, exploit and utilize terrain to your teams’ advantage. This video is the first of several videos that the team plans on releasing, showcasing various bits of combat. The videos will explain each new set of ideas with concept art along with a detailed description from Director Hiroaki Yura himself. He explains that you will be able to destroy terrain to create tactical advantages for your team such as destroying a bridge, but goes on to say that the enemy AI will be able to exploit the terrain as well and that at higher difficulties will look to exploit the terrain to their advantage as much as possible. This is good news and means that the AI will increase in brainpower as well as “brawnpower” at higher difficulties.

Hiroaki Yura also explains that particular classes will have abilities allowing them to interact with the terrain differently than other classes. For instance the “Pathfinder” class can scout longer distances at higher elevations and the “Pathfinder” as well as the “Ninja” class can detect enemies beyond their field of vision.

Combat is definitely getting some new tweaks and I am personally getting more excited by the prospect that this tactical gameplay brings. Check out the video below and as always let us know what you think.

Troy Hallin
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